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Student Details
Student Name LONG, Xiaoyang
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Department ISOM
Program Name PhD(OM)
Current Year 5
Qualifications 1. Ph.D in Operations Management, HKUST, 2012-2017 (expected)
2. Visiting PhD Student, NUS Business School, Sept-Nov 2015
3. B.A. in Physics, Cum Laude, Princeton University, 2008-2012
4. Certificate in Applied Maths, Princeton University, 2012
Research Interests Behavioral operations, supply chain management, interface between marketing and operations, NPD.
Selected Publications

"Prospect Theory Explains Newsvendor Behavior: The Role of Reference Points" (with Javad Nasiry). Management Science, 2015, 61(12) pp. 3009-3012.

Abstract: Current understanding in operations management is that Prospect Theory, as a theory of decision making under uncertainty, cannot systematically explain the ordering behavior observed in experiments on the newsvendor problem. We suggest this is because the newsvendor's reference point is assumed to be the status quo, i.e., zero payoff. We propose an alternative based on newsvendor's salient payoffs and show that Prospect Theory can, in fact, account for experimental results.


"Quality in Supply Chain Encroachment" (with Albert Ha and Javad Nasiry). Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2016, 18(2) pp 280-298.

Abstract: We study a supply chain with manufacturer encroachment in which product quality is endogenous and customers have heterogeneous preferences for quality. It is known that, when quality is exogenous, encroachment could make the retailer better-off. Yet when quality is endogenous and the manufacturer has enough flexibility in adjusting quality, we find that encroachment always makes the retailer worse-off in a large variety of scenarios. We also establish that, while a higher manufacturer's cost of quality hurts the retailer in absence of encroachment, it could benefit the retailer with encroachment. In addition, we show that a manufacturer offering differentiated products through two channels prefers to sell its high-quality product through the direct channel. Contrary to conventional wisdom, quality differentiation does not always benefit either manufacturer or retailer. Our results may explain why, despite extant theoretical predictions, retailers almost always resent encroachment. These findings also suggest that firms must be cautious when adopting quality differentiation as a strategy to ease channel conflict caused by encroachment.


Conference Presentations

"A Behavioral Study on Abandonment Decisions in Multi-Stage Projects", Nashville, Nov 2016 (upcoming).

"A Behavioral Study on Abandonment Decisions in Multi-Stage Projects", CSAMSE International Conference, Hefei, China, Jul 2016. Honorable Mention in Best Paper Competition.

"A Behavioral Study on Abandonment Decisions in Multi-Stage Projects", M&SOM Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, Jun 2016. 

"Informational Effect of Project Reviews", INFORMS, Philadelphia, Nov 2015.

"Quality in Supply Chain Encroachment", INFORMS, Philadelphia, Nov 2015.

"Quality in Supply Chain Encroachment", POMS-HK International Conference, Guangzhou, Jan 2015. Honorable Mention in Best Student Paper Competition. 

"Quality in Supply Chain Encroachment", INFORMS, San Francisco, Nov 2014.

"Quality in Supply Chain Encroachment", POMS International Conference, Singapore, Aug 2014.


Honors & Awards

Dean's PhD Fellowship for Research Excellence, HKUST, 2016-2017

Overseas Research Award for PhD Students, HKUST, Sept-Nov 2015.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, 2012-present

Allen G. Shenstone Prize in Physics, Thesis Prize, Princeton University, 2011-2012

Elected to membership in the society of Sigma Xi, 2012

Other Activities

Instructor for Operations Management (undergraduate course), Summer 2016

Teaching Assistant for Revenue Management (undergraduate course), Spring 2014/2015/2016

Teaching Assistant for Management Science (undergraduate course), Spring/Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Spring 2016

Residential Hall Tutor, HKUST Undergraduate Hall VII, Fall 2014-present