PhD in Operations Management

This program includes two streams: Operations Management and Business Statistics.

The PhD program in Operations Management emphasizes model-based methodology and practice-motivated research. Students are trained to use quantitative tools and analytical frameworks from operations research, economics, and other disciplines to study managerial problems in business processes, such as supply chains, manufacturing and service systems.

Faculty members in this area have PhD degrees from top universities in the world. They are frequent contributors to top academic journals, such as Operations Research, Management Science, and Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. Several of them have served or are currently serving on the editorial boards of these journals.

The research foci of the Operations Management area are supply chain contracting, information sharing in supply chains, interface of marketing and supply chain management, inventory management, behavioral operations management, and business analytics.

The PhD program in Statistics emphasizes both the theoretical development of statistical methodologies and applications to the real business world. The program trains students to have a solid theoretical foundation and statistical expertise in applications to various areas such as finance, economics and marketing, and statistical consulting.

Faculty members in this area have PhD degrees from top universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley. Their works appear in top journals, such as Annals of Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association and Biometrika. The research foci of the Statistics area are Bayesian statistics, bio-informatics, high-frequency data and financial statistics, high-dimensional statistics, large scale inference, machine and statistical learning, sequential analysis, stochastic control, financial time series modeling, statistical methods for risk and portfolio management, combinatorial stochastic processes, random matrices, and stochastic interacting particle systems.

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